Saturday, 9 April 2011

267.Wishes to survive her art exam

Hello! Long time,no speak it seems. So a little bumper post,of 4 cool things to make you drool(okay,not literally,but yeah)...

1.My older cousin(who I really admire because she likes The Smiths,and lives in Paris(!!!!),and has a pretty name and is dutch) facebooked me about "The Chameleons" leading me to be hooked to youtube listening to all their music.

2.This girls etsy.She makes these hand sewn and hand printed badges,I particularly like the badge"for being just my type" and "for sticking out like a sore thumb".

3.My brother showed me this video a couple of days ago.I know it's just some cats,and it's probably kind of lame but oh my jeez they make my stomach curdle in cuteness.

4.This girls blog. Just started following her,but she's really interesting.I've sort of got a bit fed up of just outfit blogs.I still love fashionontoast,theclotheshorse,christeric ect...but I like to read stuff by girls my own age,writing about exciting stuff,and who don't seem to take it all too serious;I can relate to them a little more. That must sound terribly dumb,but whatever.

I've got my art exam next week,so have been spending the whole weekend arting it up at home,instead of turning goldeny brown( I kid-I just turn lobster coloured) in the unexpected burst of sunshine that has hit rainy dull hull. Keep telling myself one week till easter.


  1. Awww, that video was so cute!

  2. I wish you every success in you Art exam! I am also loving the sunshine at the moment, but I burn so easily it's not funny - have been coating myself in factor 50+ since friday!

  3. haha, not suspicious at all. random niceness occurs a lot in blogger world, so after a while you don't think it's weird.


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