Saturday, 12 March 2011

262.Wishes to walk in heels

So this post was going to start "In apology for my lazy bloggers syndrome,heres some groovy photos of me and the horses". However,the photos sort of failed...the douche in me didn't realise how quickly it gets dark.I was also wearing clunky boots,not realising how hard it is to walk in them/run around pressing the camera button(I am not accustomed to heels,I like flats).but just for the eerie blurriness and the horse,heres one shot...
So heres some slightly clearer photos to show my outfit...

random rucksack,vintage dress from my mum,random boots and cardigan from my mum,grandmas rosary,topshop green dress,vintage earrings

My mum asked me what todays "look" is, in which I just shrugged.However for all you's benefit,it's midly witchy,sort of trampy traveller gypsy girl,a little gothic,scary over christian creepy girl,vintagey,90's,cool-ish,wandering artsy girl. Make sense? All the general cliche influences of the moment.It's fun wearing my hair in two buns though.It's also fun how I can almost be a totally different person everyday, how I don't really seem to have a definitive stye at the moment. Some days I'm super girly,others it's an all black affair.
I'm sort of blowing my mind out at the moment,with so much schoolwork/projects/other crap going on. So blogging is becoming more of a rarity,only for weekends thing.How far away summer feels at the moment?!


  1. yayayayayayayay I really like this outfit!
    backpacks rule!
    and two-timing dresses do too!
    ARG I cannot see your hair probably, but I bet it looks funky.

  2. I lovee your outfit!
    summer is just around the corner but I get how you dont feel it couse of all the schoolwork, its the same for me :\ atghh hang in there
    I know its kinda rendom but I love your wall with all the things :D


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