Sunday, 13 March 2011

263.Wishes for springtime

topshop top and skirt,vintage earrings

Little bitty pretty one-Thurston Harris

Itchycoo Park-The Small Faces
So I think todays outfit is subconciously inspired by my wishful thinking.Spring. It seems the days are starting to get a little sunnier,the skies a little bluer.
The last photo is just for the sake of my earrings,that I mentioned a couple posts back. These funky green triangles,that have gold glitter inside friend thinks they look like christmas trees.And not in a good way.Oh well,I like christmas trees.


  1. I am always ALWAYS so very much impressed how extremely beautiful your hair is.. just.. look at that ! :D It's wonderful; like a copper wave falling down your back.
    Poppy. x

  2. wow you are an absolute dime


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