Sunday, 20 March 2011

264.Wishes for a very good long sleep

Spent the majority of today watching the red shoes(ballet whooo!it's so magical),and making my own little applique things inspired by the work of Tracey Emin,for my art exam.Feel as if I've been beavering away,like some old lady who watches old movies,and sits and sews all day long.I really like these fabric wall thingys by Emin,there's something really enthralling and wonderous about them.Nothing else to say,I'm a bit weirded out and confused/tired at the moment,and all my posts are turning into complete lame-ness.
Do something exciting with your last hours of Sunday.

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  1. the red shoes is soo good, it was the last film they showed at the secret cinema (you would soo love it there!)
    and good luck with the art, hope its coming on well xx


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