Sunday, 27 June 2010

149.Wishes for 1000 candles

I spent the majority of today sat in the wonderful sunshine,under a sort of canopy/den type thing I made with a sheet.It just got me thinking again about dens and how I've loved them since I was little.I wish my bedroom was more den like,more whimsical and cluttered. Clutter just seem's to make my room look ugly.
I must do something about it this summer.Need to start stringing up mobiles, cluttering the walls with picture frames,stringing up lights and buying 1000's of candles.
I've got a week of mock exams ahead of me...wish me luck! (esspecially for maths...I suck at it)


  1. what adorable photos!! it makes me want to make a tent or something too! :) good luck with your exams! i was always terrible at math too.


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