Monday, 7 June 2010

144.Wishes to eat rossbeaf,and vla and all things Dutch

Last Views of Hull

My coat seems like such a fishermans coat.It just has some sort of nautical feeling to it.

Just because I liked the blurred movement of the car.

The boat.

First sight of Holland...Wind turbines as always.

Holland was very prepared for the world cup.It was actually really suprising.

This tasted amazing.As with everything in Holland.

This is a me sized archway.It was tiny.


Fiets (bikes).I love how everybody(seriously EVERYBODY) cycles in Holland.It's the coolest thing.

Den Haag was beautiful,wish I'd taken more photos.

I get bored in the car.

I also get bored sitting around in gardens.

This was a really nice sight.It just randomly floated by one evening.

Traffic jams are the bain of my life.

Traditional Dutch Windmills,couldn't resist taking photos of them.

My Uncles garden is such a haven.

A large amount of my time in Holland is spent playing cards with my brother.

Going home and pulling funny faces to cheer my mum up.

It's been over a week since my return from Holland, but I still feel on a bit of a withdrawl. Holland does make me feel so secure and's just a sort of happy place. However,I can't say this years visit was truly happy. It was actually pretty upsetting,and it's really twisted me up. I'm feeling ever more confused,and ever more speechless.I can't phrase things the way I want to.I can't explain thoughts. And I no longer know what to write about...
Summer is the only thing I'm concentrating on now.

I've just realised this post is below the other one,as it was a draft from before...and blahblah.So yeah...that's kind of irratating.


  1. ooo... i LOVE the photos! I'm a sucker for architecture & nature photos! My grandpa's side has some Dutch in it (he blamed his temper on it, haha.) I'm sorry your visit wasn't as happy (hope things will be okay.) Enjoy the summer... I would LOVE to visit England again & I have many places I want to go during the summer. I also want to shop at a Neal's Yard Remedies :) xx

  2. I like the lining of your coat, super comfy.
    Really enjoyed seeing what you spied and captured in Holland. We had such cold weather there in May but it looks like you enjoyed some warm days.

  3. Such amazing photos, I really want to go to Holland looks like a great place :)

  4. Wow, that's amazing that you got to go there!
    The pictures are beautiful (:


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