Wednesday, 9 June 2010

143.Wishes you will help me out :)

Okay this is totally and utterly random,but I'm asking you all a favour!

If you're between the ages of 18-23 and are female or know anyone that is, then this is for you! I need to do a little survey for my textiles work,and ask as many 18-23 year old females what their dress size is.I know it sounds a little odd....but if anyone is willing to tell me there dress size truthfully, then just leave me a comment. It's just that I don't know many 18-23 year yeah,I'm a bit stuck.

Thats all I need to know...don't worry I'm not planning on hounding anyone with emails or surveys or anything.

So get commenting pretty please! Also if you don't live in the UK...your sizing is probably a little different to ours.So just tell me your size, and the country you live in so I can convert it.
Thank you,I hope you can help me out.

P.S-Yes I am back from Holland!...and have a ton of photos to share, but will deal with that post later.


  1. I'd be happy to help you out :)

    I'm a UK 10 (US 6 I think) .. hope this helps!


  2. UK 10
    and what kind of work are u doing that needs our sizes?

  3. sure i will help you! =)
    so i'm 18 years old live in Poland and usually i wear dress size 36 or S (it's the same size just some companies use number sizes and some letters. that's just too complicated! ;p).

  4. I'll help, considering I just turned 18 a few days ago.
    I'm from Australia and I generally wear a AU 8 or XS.

    I hope I've helped!

  5. I recently returned from Holland... I posted a thousand pics, looking forward to seeing yours :)

  6. Oh,you´ve been to Holland,well done.
    Make a big post,full of photos.So looking forward to it!

  7. hope ya had fun in holland, i'm an eight and eighteen! haha xx


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