Wednesday, 23 June 2010

148.Wishes for some crazy patterns

Summer Fete Lookbook
(sorry about the bad quality)

I don't think I can stress anymore how much I'm pining for summer.These hot school days are lovely,but would rather be spent on beaches and in woodlands and at picnics and at all those other wonderful summer outings! This collection makes me feel so I urgently need to get some pastel patterned clothing into my wardrobe so I can start clashing it in strange, almost ugly thus good ways(make sense?). My mum hates buying me any summer clothing on the basis that "it only lasts 3 weeks in England". Hum....I'll need to start persuading now.


  1. I love the first photo... now I need some pastel floral tights!

  2. The third one and last one are my favourites, but theres something about florals on clothes that just doesn't bode well with me.

    PS. I have the biggest girl crush ever on Bambi.

  3. Amazing pattern play!

    Just came across your blog. It is lovely!

  4. I've just started to love patterns! My goth phase leaves me in Summer.

    x x x


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