Tuesday, 22 June 2010

147.Wishes not to get a retainer

I had my braces taken off today.Super exciting stuff! It's so nice to bite into an apple properly. However,my teeth feel like imposters in my own mouth,it's as if they don't belong.I'm sure I'll get used to it.And Yes,I am wearing my school uniform....
I know posting has been completley irregular recentlyt,but I'm just seeing how things pan out for the moment.I'm sure when the summer holidays arrive I'll be posting twice a day!


  1. I had mine taken out like, nearly 3 years ago? (wow!) My teeth felt really mushy and soft haha - it felt so weird! That feeling goes away really quickly though.. your teeth are great :)

    (I think I've just given the weirdest compliment ever there? :) )



  2. hehe, this is a cute picture. congrats on the braces-free teeth! :)

  3. Ahh I remeber the brace free feeling! and the big teeth thing only lasts like 2 days:/ they look real good:) and I still wear my retainer every night like a year on:') I have to like 1 once a month till my 30 -_-
    worth it though! xx

  4. Oh you are so lucky! I am still stuck with braces. I can't wait to get them out: being able to wear lipstick, eat apples the proper way.
    Your teeth look great by the way.



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