Sunday, 2 March 2014

362.Wishes to keep moving

photos that have little to do with the text below, but are just here for admiring the cuteness of this outfit 

"[mass noun] Desire or willingness to do something; enthusiasm: keep staff up to date and maintain interest and motivationOxford Dictionary

I’m not happy with the dictionary definition of motivation. Its got too much to do with mindset and not enough to do with moving. Sitting close by to motivation are motion and motor, words that seem to better describe my understanding of motivation. Now I realise this blog is fairly strong evidence of my lack of movement, yet I’m hoping that I’m starting to change. Actively change. Moving in a new direction. Not least so I can get into and survive university next year, but also just so I can do the fun stuffffs and the projects harboured in my mind.

Here’s a little list of things that are helping me but might help you and might sound preachy, I’m sorry, ok (seriously though, I understand that I have a lot of privileges that make self motivation easier for me, like not having to pay any bills for one):-

  • Understanding oneself (ooooh, one must delve deep into ones inner self) Trying to ask questions about why you procrastinate, why you’re not motivated, what sort of routines suit you, what environments do you work best in. In my case, instead of beating myself up about my poor mindset, I realised that doing stuff didn’t have anything to do with how much I wanted to do it, but about putting clear processes and shedules into place.
  • Which brings me onto schedules (ewww). I have a weekly schedule that stays the same, and includes time blocks for the different work, projects, and playtime I want. So that includes the stuff I have to do, the stuff I want to do, and the hours that I don’t want to be restricted to schedule. The second most useful thing I’ve done over the past half year has been to make daily schedules before I go to bed, based on the more vague hour blocks of my weekly schedule. Though scheduling seems yucky and restrictive (especially when I always wanted to be that free spirited spontaneous artist person), it is actually intensely freeing as it removes stress and means that free time becomes real free time, rather than free time spent feeling guilty about something you SHOULD be doing.
  • Sassy people who will work with you.(yay) This has to be most important change I’ve made since 2013, and is the reason I’m even typing this right now. Me and Charlotte have been setting ourselves a program of weekly challenges, culminating in a skype Sunday review in which we discuss the challenges we’ve faced and how we can overcome them in the next week. Alongside a few other challenges, I have to blog weekly from now until Easter whilst she is works towards making a short film.

So, if you’re out there, I’ll see you in a weeks time.


  1. These photos are absolutely lovely (do you think you could do/have done a room tour because your room seems like the kewlest place in the world) I think I might start doing the daily scheduling block thing because I am slowly getting overwhelmed by an avalanche of "things to do" while running out of time to be creative.

    see you next week

    // kanyinsola

  2. Procrastination is my number one enemy! I have a weekly schedule too. I guess ticking things off make you feel good cos then you can see what you've actually managed to get done.

    Love you dress btw and you take great photos x



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