Sunday, 16 March 2014

364.Wishes for artistic visions

Above I wear the clothes of an artist (ripped jeans, large overcoat, Gustav Klimt style blue smock) in homage to the fact that I’m currently studying at art college and unlike many of my peers I’m not at university. If like me last year, you’re undecided on what to do after studying you’re a-levels then the art foundation course might be for you.

What is Art Foundation?
-If you’re already studying an arty (arty here means all visual art and design practices such as graphics/textiles/fashion ect.) A-level then you might already know that art foundation is kinda the bees knees route onto an arty degree, and that’s the precipice of the course. Art foundation is not a foundation degree but a year long course (mine is specifically titled Edexcel BTEC level 3 Foundation diploma in Art & Design) classed as further education. It is free if you are 18 or under when enrolling and when studied within your home region.

Why do it?
-As mentioned above, if you feel like studying an art degree (Go you!) then it’s often suggested that you’ll have more chance of getting onto your chosen degree with a foundation course under your belt, with some courses even requesting it. Art foundation greatly develops your skills and gives you the chance to build up a larger, more varied portfolio (the thing that will play a big part in the application process). Now by no means does this mean institutions wont take you without foundation, some do, but its worth considering- plus an extra year making art = FUN!

Why I personally did art foundation is a little different to that nice clear explanation above. I knew I wanted to go to university, yet I battled with deciding which subject I wanted to study (because like, OMG, there are WAY too many exciting things in this world and I kinda wanna know everything). I narrowed myself to Art or English Literature and so chose to do Art Foundation to figure myself out. If by the end I decided to do art, then woohoo, and if I decided to do English then the year wouldn’t have been a waste.

These are 2 not uncommon routes into Art Foundation, yet infinite variations exist. Maybe you just want to develop your artistic skills or want an arty ‘gap year’ before studying science or getting a job.

 What you study?
-I can only speak from experience and it’s always important to research this yourself. My foundation includes a combination of ‘skill based work’ (life drawing/printmaking/observing), taster

 projects in various art disciplines (I chose photography, ceramics, illustration and fine art) and critical and theoretical studies. In the second half of my course I’ve been able to specialize in my chosen area of fine art. Honestly there is unintended death running through my words, which doesn’t really reflect how fun, interesting and exciting my year has been up to now. I wish I could be best friends with my tutors, I have a sassy white space to dance and work in, I get giddy over my Wednesday fill of art history, and above all I’ve had time just to focus on producing art that I care about.

Can I really fanny about with artsy fartsy stuff before studying English/ Science/ Maths?
-That question assumes that a year making art is just fannying about, when in fact it’s serious stuff.
You probably already know that, and instead want to prove its worth to the skeptics around you. I was a top A-level student (whatever that means) at a sixth form that put a lot of emphasis on top universities, and so to say I was doing a ‘gap year’, let alone a gap year in art took a bit of courage. I get your feels. The simple answer is yes, you can take a year or longer ‘out’ as long as you use it wisely. I’ve been accepted to 4 top universities to study English Literature (still waiting on my last) and I believe applying a year later than my peers has only been to my advantage.
If anyone at all reads this, and still has questions, then please do just ask me them in the comments. I’d be more than happy to help, plus would love to here any other experiences of art foundation.


  1. this is actually really helpful, as I'm considering taking an art foundation myself! Thanks!

  2. Cool! I wish we had something like this in the states and it was FREE!? Also, are those samples of your work? Very nice *_*


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