Thursday, 20 March 2014

365.Wishes for street food suggestions

A few unrelated notes...

1.Today my eyes were kinda killer, an emerald modification of this tutorial here. I find this site really useful for good make up tutorials, and powerdoom has to be no 1 for makeup inspiration. Make up, amongst a mulititude of other things is on my writers mind. So I thought it'd be useful to note down some of my recent post ideas, things I'm hoping to write soon:-
  • Embroidery pt 1: tutorials/basics
  • Embroidery pt 2: examining resurgance of embroidery/ artist inspiration
  • Diary writing changes linked to blogging mishaps/naiveity/mistakes
  • Sexuality and language
  • Love of Cabaret and drama
  • "Masculinty"/"Femininity" in clothes and feeling like a warrior
  • Handmaids Tale and red

2.These 2 songs need to serenade you all. My remedy for sadness is badly singing 'I believe in the power of love!'.

3.I have  a rather large collection of post, and having so many letters and cards makes me so happy. Yet I'd kinda forgotten about this little colection of cards that I got through postcrossing (which I wrote about here), and today am reminded to get involved with the postcrossing community again.
4. I semi regularly read rookie, and think this recent article on internet burnout was really important and helpful.

5.The two books above are really great for any literature nerds like me.
6. I'm heading to LAAANDEN (London) next week for a univeristy open day, and was wondering if anyone knows a good place to get your hands on some street food? Please let me know in the comments below.


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