Sunday, 28 November 2010

217.Wishes for warmth

Mums velvet cardigan,vintage shoes,belt,shorts and shirt,random watches

So here's some photos of me in the snow in the garden,just because.Yes it snowed,yes it is only November and yes it is very exciting.If you've followed me for a long long time,then you may remember last years post in the snow,and how snow turns me into a 5 year old.....

After the photo taking,I put on a gazillion extra layers and ventured out to the city centre.It was quite a long walk,with the snow slowing me down,but I enjoyed it.Everything looked so wonderful.Unfortunatley,I didn't take my camera on my walk,as I was too busy doing random errands like buying ribbon,delibrating for too long over what wrapping paper I like,trying to find a shop that sells chapstick,and musing around in hobbycraft.

Even though I feel pretty exhausted a lot of the time;I'm really appreciating everything about this time of year.The dark nights walking from the bus,the snow,the pinks and blues in the sky reflecting on the river (I do a lot of looking out the window on my bus journey to school, because I don't really talk to anyone much),drinking hot drinks constantly, and feeling hyped about christmas/turning 16.Hope you are all enjoying the snow too,if it's not snowing were you live than I feel sorry for you.Unless you are one of those grumpy people who hates snow...


  1. Love the first pic!! <3
    Your hair are beautiful! Anyway, love your shirt!

  2. Ohhh I want snow... but that wont ever come to Oahu... but Im moving soon... maybe then!

  3. I love snow too! It's unfortunate that where I currently live in the states, it doesn't snow :( I grew up with snow & bloody love it. It's peaceful for me (as corny as that sounds!) Great photos, especially the one where you're blowing snow at the camera... it's artistic! xx

  4. I love these pictures, and your hair is so amazing! xxxx

  5. The 5th pictures looks like you're breathing life into those snowflakes, cupped in your hands with your o shaped mouth. Ahhhhh now in the mood for Christmas-anime-watching!!!!!!
    I smiled at your word of 'ventured'
    Being 16 means you should prepare for: Buying a lottery ticket; getting married; having sex; driving a motor bike; choosing your own doctor; claiming social security benefits; leaving home with your parents’ consent; drinking wine or beer with a meal in a restaurant.
    Yea, get in there!
    could your next post be '218.wishes for sexual activity'?


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