Monday, 15 November 2010

212.Wishes for cannabis cakes

Seen as I don't really have much to say today,I'd thought I'd give you another smiths obsessed post.Enjoy the video,it always amuses me.

Also I just had tea with my family,and we were discussing how my dad used to live in Soho in London.He used to live in a squat and earn his money on market stalls,which he'd then spend in tiny vegetarian restaraunts.Vegetarian food was big with the hippie movement. My parents past always facinates can probabaly also guess that my parents are quite a bit older than most of my peers parents. It's a little cringy...
Hum,and I just said I didn't have much to say,and then suddenly wrote tons.

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  1. Mine are too! And their past is so much more interesting! I'm personally in favour of older parents:')xx


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