Saturday, 13 November 2010

210.Wishes for WORN


Someone teach me how to do eye make up like this,please.

This really reminds me of a more fashion concious Ewan Mcgregor in trainspotting.Anyone else get what I mean?
All my own scans from issue 23 of Pop

So in the half term I splashed out on an issue of Pop.Despite the £6.00(!!!) price tag,I was attracted by its thickness and the fact it came with these really cool manga style flower stickers(now stuck to my stationery,and looking amazing).Yeah,I really wanted the stickers.

The magazine was full of great editorials,some of my favourite images are above.I was suprisingly decisive with my choices for scanning this time,but I could have been far more liberal.A lot of really great stuff in this magazine.I think I would have liked a bit more text-more articles to keep me busy would have been nice. I also still find the few fashion magazines I have had chance to purchase rather intimidating.I guess I would like a friendlier approach,and maybe more things that feel relevant to me to read.

A subscription to WORN is on my christmas list,and hopefully this will satisfy these cravings for an easy going magazine. And now I feel like some David Bowie...



  1. I like the quotes!!!
    enter my giveaway! (updated)

  2. Thank you, you are right about the giveaway thing! I was not caring much for the following thing, but I guess when no one enter I should change something. So I will put on hold!

    Thanks for helping! I'm pretty new with blogging!


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