Thursday, 11 November 2010

209.Wishes EMA had not been scrapped

You're my Best Friend-Queen

Dream a little dream of me-Mama Cass

Okay so rather mellow music,that I love.But that doesn't really coincide with my mood right now.Yes,I'm going to rant,sorry.Warning and apology done...

So tonight I went to a sixth form evening.It's made me actually really quite interested in a lot of the courses they offer,and really seeing a future at my school.However,I live kind of far away from my school,and when I become an adult my bus fair will double.It's already over £10 a week for me to get to school. The plan was if I went to sixth form that EMA would pay for my transport costs(EMA is education matience allowance,you can claim it from the government if your parents are on a low income and you need it to continue your studies). Unfortunatley,the new coalition government have scrapped this scheme.Which is a complete bitch. My parents can't afford the transport costs,which is likely to prevent me from getting the courses I need at the right school. Not because they dont work,or sit and aimlessly claim benefits and all that shit. It really is pissing me off at the moment. I hate how I'm working hard,and not getting as much opportunities as I should just because of the bloody wealth gap.

I feel pretty helpless and annoyed at the scrapping of EMA. And I know it's not the end of the world,and that there is a huge wider picture of grief. But y'know,I'm angry. I hope there will be some way I can resolve this....


  1. Queen is just one of the best rock and Roll bands!!

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  2. you really should tell the head of 6 form this.
    he would do anything to let you join his 6 form.
    especially how you are quite an impressive student. this should not really be an issue, stupid world.


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