Monday, 26 August 2013

360.Wishes for better sex ed

watercolour doodle that I painted recently
I fucking love sex. Not that I have much experience, in a realm as large as the universe I’ve only explored our solar system, with much left to discover beyond even the discoveries mapped out by scientists. Though an intrepid explorer you could say my read knowledge outweighs my practical experience, yet I’ve got a libido for both.

This drive may have been influenced by my sexually enthusiastic friend or my unenthused school sex education. If sexuality in all its forms is so key to humanity, health and happiness I do wonder why in the UK at least it is not freely discussed in schools alongside our compulsory doses of Math, Science and English? Where was porn, masturbation, erotica, body positivity, communication tatics, BDSM, real anatomical explanations, sexuality, gender, intersexuality amongst a multitude of other topics on the curriculum? Luckily for me the internet filled, and continues to fill those gaps, yet what of those who do not have internet access or find information too late or just may not have the initial curiosity? For their sake I do hope all those screaming about the insidious effect of sex heavy media on our teens will turn their fervourent  voices to the advocacy of clear, inclusive and critical sex education.
In my own journey I hope to find a place were my fervoured support will soon be of use. In the meantime I’d love to point you in the direction of some of the sexy things I’ve been watching and reading:-

  • Laci Green's Sex+ is a one stop video shop for informative friendly sex ed, and you can also find her at her other channel A Naked Notion.
  • Scarleteen  is similiar to Sex+ but in the written format, giving the chance for more in depth discussion.
  • Sexplanations is a new channel run by the very cute, but also really informative sextologist (cool job title!) Dr Doe. She talks "basics" but also things you may not know about (or atleast I didn't!)
  • The Untitled Mag isn't devoted to sex, but definitley deals with it. Sadly they haven't posted in a while.
  • This performance by Hari Nef hopefully will make you think.
(ps let me know of anything sexy I should also be consuming below)         

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