Monday, 12 August 2013

358.Wishes to capture the details

A lot of what I wear is in the detail, detail which I sadly am never great at capturing in the photographic form. The gold and olive green glitter shimmering my eyelids, the rosy pink lipgloss, the pleat in my trousers, the flower clasp in my hair, and the deep burgundy shade of my shoes. Each element brings the outfit together, and puts the part of my mind that needs to curate a specific character to rest. I am more than my outfit, but when I'll be judged on that outfit it must tell the world exactly the me I want to be that day, the me that includes all those meticulous details.


  1. I really love your necklace!
    It would be lovely to see your eye-makeup closer <3
    Your relationship with clothing is interesting, I wonder if we see what you see.

  2. Great shirt. It looks pretty and comfy.


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