Saturday, 22 October 2011

309.Wishes to write

topshop green dress,UO jumper,vintage belt and shoes,ebay satchel,handmade tooth necklace

Sometimes I focus on setting up my camera,and trying to pull decent expressions that I forget that the main ambition of outfit photos is to actually capture all the details of the outfit clearly(a clear example of this above). Unfortunatley I have no interesting anecdotes or topics of dicussion to share,which seems to be a recurring theme at the times the mind can be quite a bland thing.I do admire bloggers that seem to effortlessly write in depth articles to accompany their photos,and would wish to do so myself,as writing was always a slightly overlooked hobby of mine(alongside many of my previous hobbies,that I never seem to have the time to do anymore).sigh.
Wishes Sofie


  1. Such a cute look - I adore it!

  2. These photos are lovely, you're so fairy-like! And I am forever wishing that I could write something meaningful/insightful or have an interesting perspective or opinion on something. Maybe one day!!


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