Monday, 17 October 2011

308.Wishes for an end

YAY-Jean Kilbourne is my new heroine!
If you feel like some enlightenment(or just procrastination), I suggest you watch the speech above.I must admit by posting this, I feel like I may come over "preachy", as I sadly cannot admit that I have done anything by way to help prevent this issue;Don't get me wrong, I realise there is little I can do to prevent bullshit such as this going on.Yet,I don't like to appear the hypocrite,the one who preaches without taking action.Do you get what I'm saying or is this just another incoherent babble? If you did watch it,I'd love to know your opinions.


  1. Cute campain!
    Thanks for your comment Sofie, hav a great week!


  2. I really
    enjoyed that!
    I couldn't stop watching.
    I showed my sister- my dad.
    The weird thing is, it didn't even seem highly biased.
    I am even a part of this. Everyday!
    is it bad? Is it really bad?
    Yes, it's completely ludicrous!
    No one can just fling it to one side and labelled it as exaggeration or some 'feminist squeal'
    It's really ugly and counter-productive.
    I want to write more but will do later.!!!!
    it's not necessary,
    it's not a sustainable happiness.

  3. I digress.
    Everyone is to blame.
    And not everyone can be fixed.

  4. thank you, that made me realize why i`ve been in such a mood all day. turned everything around and feel inspired again. thanks sofie!!!

  5. ooh I watched these last semester as part of uni! shes awesome!

  6. One of the best ways to do anything about this yourself is to own your body. Advertisers etc. want to make us feel as if our body is public property and food for the world to judge but if you actively work on making yourself feel good in your body and trying to own it, then may may be one of the best ways of taking action.


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