Sunday, 9 October 2011

307.Wishes to eat brandy snap

Left-purple polo from childhood,vintage skirt and watch,mums hat and checkered top,office shoes,handmade tooth necklace
Right-polo,skirt,and necklace as above,random tights,vintage shoes,handmade badge and earrings,h&m cardigan

The Look-Metronomy

I thought I'd post these two outfits together as a nice comparision of how I styled my purple polo and skirt in two different ways-these are hard times, so we must be thrifty and "recycle" clothing (or we could just do this anyways,because that is a far better philosophy than spend,spend,spend culture!-even though my statement is full of hypocrisy,and now I'm just babbling so I better shut up soon).Which look do you prefer?


  1. I love both of them equally! I love when clothes get 'recycled', I struggle with doing that! xx

  2. YAY metronomy!
    you're sooooo coool!
    Ahhh I just love that skirt! it's so juicy and suggestive!
    And X2 bun hair, just needs some rope/ribbon attachments with charms at the end ^^

  3. Oh I love that sweater and your red tights too!! :)

    greetings from Austria!

  4. Hello sweety! your hair is beautiful!


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    I await your comments!!


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