Saturday, 10 September 2011

303.Wishes to say bye to summer blues

Goodbye Sun-I Monster
So as promised(albeit two weeks late),here are a few of my London photos.They didn't turn out too great,unlike my experience there which was crazily awesome.I don't think I've had so many new experiences in two days before,except maybe when I popped out the womb.Talking of new experiences, going to sixth form is reaaaaly weird,and even though I'm accustomed with the surroundings and the majority of the people,things feel very different. Has anyone got a case of the summer blues? I think I do...


  1. ahhh jealous!! I think the photos look good! Love the grainy feel!! Hope you had lots and lots of fun!

  2. ooh yes and had no idea you had a tumblr!! Yours is great!!

  3. I hate summer in the southern states! GOODBYE - it's still hot here, but not as bad... well, some days are too hot. I don't have the summer blues, bring on autumn! LOVE the photos Sofie! xx

  4. I love your photos, especially St Pancras and the Natural History Museum :) Good luck with 6th form, I've got a case of the blues too, mainly due to the horrid weather! xx

  5. Love your photos... geesh they make me miss England. That store with the shoe coming out of it is pretty awesome-looking.
    You should check out my blog, I think you'd like it:


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