Sunday, 4 September 2011

302.Wishes for green velvet boots

Been coveting these shoes at for a little while now,and today trying them on in Leeds,I found they trumped my expectations. Alas,a cruel thing called money led to dissapointment...oh dear,wasn't I supposed to be getting a job this year to prevent this feeling? I have lot's to say still,and more to blog with talk of Leeds,movies,the vlog,outfits galore-yet you'll have to be patient my prettys(yes, I hold sole ownership over my followers) as school is starting dreadfully soon. This is meant to be THE TOUGHEST YEAR YET blah blah blah,so work will consume me I imagine...but I definatley don't want my blog to wilt and die. Will write again soon.

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  1. I saw those shoes online too and was in complete awe!! They are awesome! Looking forward the posts to come!


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