Wednesday, 20 July 2011

288.Wishes to do handstands all day

And some details.....
badges,beads in my little plait,ring
pink dotty socks

Details-Vintage shorts and shoes,random school shirt I dyed pink years ago,UO Socks,H&M cardigan,hand me down ring from my mum and hand me down belt from my dad,heart badge made by me and "god" badge bought at give a dog a bone in York

What's that?An outfit post! Lets do goofy celebratory handstands! It has been a while,but I'm glad to be doing outfit posts again due to access to a camera that I've lent for art A-level work.Crikey,we've been set huge induction tasks by our teachers to do over summer before we even start our A-levels,even though we've only just finished our exams...really cranks up my stress levels again!


  1. I think you could be a good model one day! You are so beautiful and naturally ! :)
    and your style is also great :)

  2. you are so lovely!

  3. sofie! you could be a model lovely! sooooo beautiful!
    Thanks for stopping to leave some words :)
    Love from San Francisco!

  4. You should do more outfit posts!! I liiike your style a lot! Also awesome pictures on your wall :)


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