Wednesday, 13 July 2011

286.Wishes to stop writing about movies

So I watched the movie "Heathers" about a month back,after randomly finding it on my brothers computer.No, I don't want to turn this into yet another movie post,but what I do ask readers is-is American(sorry,I generalise) high school really like this? Minus the obvious exaggeration,and quite crazy plot line...are there really cliques like these? From my own experience in England I can say that yes,heirachy does exsist in schools,but it's not that extreme(atleast not in my school).With cliques featuring in most American teen movies (mean girls,10 things I hate about you ect) I always wonder how far the movies are stemmed from reality. I guess I've always had a problem with the idea of labelling and defining people,into stereotypical 12 when people at secondary school realised where I lived they were quick to assume that I was a "chav",in which I always simple replied "I'm just me,I'm not anything". I guess I just find it a bit of a scary concept,and I'm just wondering if it's the truth?

On a sort of related sidenote(talking about secondary school ect),prom(an event which I don't really have much to comment on) happened about 2 weeks ago and on this rare occasion I'm giving you a peep into myself and my friends IN REAL LIFE. I guess you get to see my dress and da shizz,which makes the post a little more "fashioney".Yay for fashion!

The last two are at afterprom.Also,if you have noticed my hair is shorter then well done to you! I did have my whole "growing it out like a hippie for summer" plan, but it came to a premature end in a tragic incident with my mum and some scissors and some bad hair chopping skills.


  1. for some reason I imagine america (esp LA etc) would be more clique-y ... it probably increases along with superficial-ness? ... really good film nonetheless
    great prom pics!
    - George

  2. High schools over here can be like that, but it also depends strongly on what state/city youre in, and whether the school is big or not. I for instance didn't experience high school like that, but to be fair nyc has hundreds of high schools, while the high schools you see in movies tend to be from small towns where there is only one or 2 regional high schools. A couple of my friends from uni had similar high schools to that but obviously not that extreme.

    Hopefully that answered your question! And you looked lovely at your prom!


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