Saturday, 18 October 2014

371.Wishes for a new set of fairy lights

A reader once requested me to do a bedroom tour, a request I intended to honour before I packed up and left for a new uni bedroom. Unfortunately, my videoing equipment was kinda defunct when it came to filling those boxes and so, in an aim to honour the request I decided to take some photos documenting myself in my room the week before I left it behind.  I'm slightly sad I never got to tell you why I nicknamed the ceiling Voldemort or how my bedroom wall collages evolved or how the mirror was my grandmas or about my handmade magical bookshelf. And I'm slightly sad that I currently have no fairy lights to read under.


  1. good luck at uni lovely lady. la vie est franchement belle (et toi aussi). i love your room and your portraits!

  2. I LOVE YOU ROOM SO SO SO MUCH! Could you please post more?

  3. your room is gorgeous,i love that sink especially! thanks for your awesome comment as well, i will definitely have to do a part 2 now.. x


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