Wednesday, 31 July 2013

356.Wishes to not become a hoarder

I assume as knowledgeable readers that you have seen the appropriately titled film “An Education” and will have memorised that scene in which an enthusiastic Jenny bubbles “I’m going to read what I want. And listen to what I want. And I’m going to look at paintings. And watch French films. And I’m gonna talk to people who know lots about lots.” I assume such things because I assume you are knowledgeable and youthful, and like me, related to the character of Jenny. Maybe even like me the lingering last notations of your diary entries bubble with similar wishes to spend a lifetime reading books in a quest to know lots about lots, and finally become the culturally cultivated individual you have always envisioned yourself as in the future.

Knowledge is most definitely a noble and just generally lovely pursuit. I have always loved the classroom, the ability to collect knowledge, and the ensuing spilling of trivia to friends and family, however wishing to become the embodiment of knowledge (aka Stephen Fry) alone is unworthy, despite my mother's ‘knowledge is power’ lectures. Knowledge is merely a tool, and should not be hoarded, unused in the desolate junk yards of our brains. You quite rightly may say knowledge has helped me understand the world and myself, and to write these reflections on knowledge itself, yet I still feel that my younger attitude towards it needs rethinking, with these few proposals:

-That I must not needlessly collect knowledge for the sake of an undusted collection.
-That I wish to be valued on what I do rather than what I know and that at the moment I’m rather lacking in the first category of doing.
-That we should give this opportunity to others, and remove this "hipster" (I dislike that word) attitude of valuation by pop culture reference.

And that I apologise for assuming that you are worthy readers if you have viewed the film "An Education". 

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