Saturday, 28 January 2012

323.Wishes to find a watch

Oh Stephen Fry and university challenge combined="geek" heaven?
On similarly "geeky" lines,I happen to like the Antiques Roadshow.It opens me to information about interesting things such as the search for Dante Rossetti's pocket watch made in memory of Elizabeth Siddal. I can't seem to find an image anywhere of it,but the thought of it hiding away in someones attic is strangely romantic.


  1. I like Stephen Fry! I was watching his little documentary Stephen Fry in America (I think that's what it's called.) He's funny :)

    I also love Antiques Roadshow! This older lady bought some jewellery at a church sale for under $5 and it turned out to be Tiffany jewellery worth up to $75,000! Can you imagine?!

  2. OMG! Antiques Roadshow is my heaven!!!!!
    I thought it was only me and my nanna ^^


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