Sunday, 1 January 2012

314.Wishes for a good year

Various pages from theprinciples of uncertainty

Approximatley a week ago I finished "The Principles of Uncertainty"(a fabulous book bestowed upon me as a birthday gift) and I am now well and truly besotted by Maira Kalman.Each page made so much sense to me,and yet nothing was too explicit, each page allowed mystery to allude in my mind.So, it is thanks to Kalman that I return to ye olde blog.

Admittdley,the usual chains of school have kept me bound.Yet another chain has prevented me(I'm not sure what all these metaphors are for?-must be said that I pre wrote this post,which isn't the norm for me) from blogging.When you begin to feel that blogging is pointless,when it no longer fufills its purpose-for me a place record the more creative,less mundane aspects of my life,and once it becomes a detached, distant representation of oneself, it's time to rethink your format.

What Kalman has reminded me of is that the obscure and random are interesting and worthwile.So you ask what does this actually mean?(that is, if you've had the patience to read this far). It might mean less outfit posts.It might mean I'll no longer feel obliged to fill that horrible gap underneath a photo with text when I really have nothing to say.It'll probably mean I'll post everything and anything that interests me(as it just so happens the "fashion world" has begun to disinterest me), and hopefully will find myself with more blogger freedom.

Anyways,I send out warm wishes for the coming year!

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  1. lOVE this post! & I have to get that book! I'm revamping my blog because I'm a wee bit sick of it and changed the name too. Actually, I bought a domain. I need a more creative outlet, now... if I were more creative... :) Happy New Year! xx


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