Saturday, 10 November 2012

353.Wishes for all black

outfit I love,and wear a lot

outfit I photographed,but then about 3 hours later hated and knew I wouldn't wear again


  1. Your jellies are soo coool! I want some so bad right now!!

  2. Can I just say that you are literally so adorable (umm that sounds weird as you are 3 years older but I swear I'm not a creepy person...)!!! Dude, I love how witchy and wonderful all your outfits are!! I literally just took like 20 min scrolling through your blog and feelin super inspired by the vibes!!! Also this outfit, even if you dislike it, is really nice and I am a total fan of your shoes and those shorts (I NEED to get some high waisted shorts to wear... though this may not be a great idea given the cold weather in new england)!!!! Sorry about this really long comment, you dont have to read it all!!!

  3. girl you look great in both ! the black is stormy and the floral is angela chase


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