Sunday, 7 October 2012

349.Wishes to keep calm and carry on

the intense struggle of photographing oneself
I've been less concerned with my dress recently, and my outfits have been taking a much more simplified form. I have late night frenzies(I think this is how creativity works for most people-that's why we're crazy) when my room becomes a floordrobe,but then in the morning my fresh eyes hate all the extra details I felt I needed the night before. I have a tendency for wanting to deal with the infinite outfit possibilities all at once, as if I believe my days are soon ended(which,oh my lord they are!?)   and thus I MUST SHOW THE WORLD ALL THESE COLOURS AND SCARFS AND PRETTY THINGS TOMMOROW. The above is just one of my more minimal outfits.

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  1. Your wall is insane, I always find it hard to photograph myself too but you look lovely!


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